Breast Augmentation

As featured on network television, our highly experienced staff will listen to your wishes so that your breast procedure will achieve the size, lift, symmetry and balance you want. To do this, our patients are given guidance until they choose the size and style of implant, type of incision and location of the implant. Regardless of the patient decision the esthetic goal is the same: a natural look with lift and volume at the cleavage area regardless of size of implant.

For breast augmentation, patients need to make four decisions:

  1. Silicone (gel) vs saline implants
  2. Insertion Site
  3. Breast Implant Size
  4. Above or below the muscle

Each decision has advantages and disadvantages as well as different price points. The options are discussed in the subsequent pages here.

Case 1: The patient shown here had 390 cc saline implants placed above the muscle from an inframammary (below breast) incision. The patient chooses the size, type of implant (saline vs silicone), placement (above vs below muscle) and type of incision. Because this woman is B+ cup size before surgery, her breast tissue will cover most of the saline implant.